Quality Assurance

Heng tong is specialized in Manufacturing different types of Automatic lathe CNC Machining parts.Metal stamping parts,wire products,plastic injection molding parts, etc and the company has been certified by IS09001: 2008 TS16949.

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More than 30 years expertise in OEM AND ODM precise machine parts

It is our policy to supply products which meet or exceeds customer requirements for quality,delivery.performance, and value. Our mission is total customer satisfaction. We are cimmitted to continuous improvement throughout the corporation through application of word class business principles.

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Global Customer Service

We anticipate and meet customer needs with the highest quality products and services in a timely and cost effective manner.

World Wide Availability

We support product develoment cycles with dedicated sales engineering resources and factory that deliver on time, anywhere in the world.


At Hengtong we have built a singular source, under one name, for all your needs. We dedicate our varied resources to provide you with the service in the fastest possible time, Establishing an alliance with Hengtong at the start of your project will bring this full spectrum of capabilities to your design team and will ultimately provide you with a competitive advantage.

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